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Simon Rothe

Simon Rothe

We oppose time-consuming, complex, or costly psychological tests

Psychotherapists often shy away from using psychological tests because they believe that the time and effort required for research, selection, implementation, and documentation is too high. In particular, manually calculating scores for traditional paper-and-pencil questionnaires is time-intensive. We are against high financial costs and frustrating technical difficulties.

The subjective perceptions of psychotherapists require objective support

In clinical psychology and psychotherapy research at universities, it is generally accepted that subjective perceptions of therapists require the support of test diagnostics. Psychological testing plays an important role in the assessment of baseline findings, depiction of therapy progress, and evaluation of successful psychotherapy.

Psychotherapists make a valuable contribution to the health and economic well-being of our society and cannot afford to forego documenting their work as a basis for argument in the distributional struggle in the healthcare system, given the increasing budget cuts.

PsyDix.org is a self-improving platform for psychological tests

The development of scientifically sound psychological tests is resource-intensive. The experiences gained in practice with PsyDix.org are made available to test authors and scientific research. This creates a cycle: patients and therapists can use valid psychological tests and the insights gained can in turn improve psychological tests.

PsyDix.org is data-protective, easy to use, and supports therapy progress

Nearly half of all psychotherapists suffer from administrative tasks. However, stress-inducing stress does not result from the challenge or stimulus itself, but from a discrepancy between challenge and coping possibilities. Therefore, PsyDix.org is designed to be user-friendly and as a web-based test platform does not require the installation of software.

Some psychotherapists have fears of quality assurance measures, which are unfounded. The effectiveness of psychotherapy as well as its economic and societal benefit have been demonstrated in numerous studies.

Psychotherapists avoid psychological tests because they fear that the therapeutic relationship or its development may be disrupted. In fact, a thorough initial diagnosis and subsequent follow-up diagnosis promote patient compliance and increase acceptance of treatment and motivation for active participation in psychotherapy.

Data protection at PsyDix.org is sophisticated: no personal patient data is stored. Only you as a psychotherapist can associate test questionnaires to the patient using an unique code. (Further: Privacy Policy)

Try PsyDix.org today – the basic version is free

We want to enable every psychotherapist access to psychological tests in order to promote test diagnostics. With the free basic package, you can conduct five tests per month.

Our mission: To advance the topic of psychological tests, make your life as a therapist more comfortable, and benefit the patient.

9 Years of PsyDix.org

If you have any suggestions, ideas, or criticism about PsyDix.org, I would love to hear from you!

Signature Simon Rothe

Simon Rothe

Pricing Basic package free of charge

Which package is right for you? That depends on your individual requirements.

The standard package includes all features you need for your test diagnostics. With this package, you can conduct 50 tests per month and have access to all available psychological tests.

The premium package is ideal for psychotherapists working in a group practice or healthcare center who need to conduct a high number of tests. With this package, you can conduct 100 tests per month and have the option to divide the number of tests among multiple users.

Try the basic package for free and then switch to another package if you need more tests per month.

You have the flexibility to add additional packages to your existing package at any time (the number of available tests is added accordingly) or revert back to the free basic package.

We offer excellent value for money and are confident that you will be satisfied with PsyDix.org:


  • 5 Tests per Month
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For Free


  • 50 Tests per Month
  • Ideal for outpatient practices
$ 299 per Year
– or –
$ 29 per Month


  • 100 Tests per Month
  • Multi-user capable
  • Ideal fFor group practices and clinics
$ 599 per Year
– or –
$ 59 per Month

You can choose 20 psychological tests:

ANIS, AR, ASRS-v1.1, ASRS-v1.1, AUDIT, BSL-23, BSL-95, CORE-10, CORE-OM, CUDIT-R, DASS-21, EAT-26, E-HEALTH-49, GAD-7, Psy-BaDo-PTM, ISR, NR, NRA, PHQ, PHQ-9, and PHQ-15

Prices are net and do not include sales tax (depending on the customer's country/state). Payment is made in advance for the chosen period. The package with the furthest future end date will be automatically renewed upon expiration. Upgrading or downgrading to the basic package or additional packages is possible at any time. If you choose to pay annually, you will receive a 17 % discount compared to the accumulated monthly price for a year.