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Simon Rothe

Simon Rothe

We are against time-consuming, complicated or costly psychological tests

Psychotherapists neglect psychological tests because they assume that research, selection, implementation, and documentation require a large amount of time. The manual calculation of scores for classic paper-pencil questionnaires is particularly time-consuming and error-prone. We are against high financial costs and frustrating technical difficulties.

The subjective perception of psychotherapists requires objective support

In university clinical psychology and psychotherapy research, it is proven that therapists' subjective perceptions need support of objective results. Psychological tests are beneficial for initial diagnosis, mapping the course of therapy, and assessing psychotherapy.

Psychotherapists make a valuable contribution to the health and economic well-being of society and should document their psychotherapeutic work as an argumentative basis in the resource / financial distribution struggle in the health care system.

Psydix.org is a self-improving platform for psychological tests

The development for scientifically based psychological tests is complex. Psydix.org shares practical experiences with the test authors and with scientific research. This creates a cycle: Patients and therapists can use valid psychological tests and the insights in turn improve psychological tests.

Psydix.org repects data protection, is comfortable to use and beneficial throughout the course of therapy

Almost half of all psychotherapists suffer from administrative tasks. However, illness-causing stress does not result from the challenge or the stimulus itself, but from a discrepancy between the challenge and the coping options. That is why Psydix.org does not require any software to be installed, as a web-based test platform, and is designed user-friendly.

Some psychotherapists are afraid of quality assurance measures, but these fears are unfounded. Many studies have proven the effectiveness of psychotherapy and its economic and social benefits.

Psychotherapists may shy away from testing because they are afraid that the therapeutic relationship or its structure could be disturbed. In fact, well-founded initial diagnostics and subsequent follow-up diagnostics promote patient compliance and increase acceptance for treatment and motivation for active participation in psychotherapy.

Data protection is elegantly solved at Psydix.org: No personal patient data is saved. Only you as a psychotherapist can associate questionnaires with the patient using an unique code. (More: privacy)

Try Psydix.org today – the basic version is for free

With the free basic package, you can perform five psychological tests per month.

Our mission: Bring digital psychological tests forward, make your life as a therapist more comfortable, and benefit the people.

9 Years of Psydix.org

If you have any suggestions, ideas or criticism about Psydix.org, please do not hesitate to get in contact. I look forward to hearing from you!

Signature Simon Rothe

Simon Rothe

Pricing Basic package free of charge

What package is right for you? The free basic package is booked automatically, so you can try Psydix.org for free and perform 5 tests per month. If you are happy with Psydix.org or need more tests per month, you can switch to a different package at any time.

Excellent value for money:


  • 5 Tests per Month
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  • 50 Tests per Month
  • Ideal for outpatient practices
$ 200 per 
or $ 20 per Month


  • 100 Tests per Month
  • Multi-user capable
  • Ideal fFor group practices and clinics
$ 400 per Year 
or $ 40 per Month

You can choose 20 psychological tests:

ANIS, AR, ASRS-v1.1, ASRS-v1.1, AUDIT, BSL-23, BSL-95, CORE-10, CORE-OM, CUDIT-R, DASS-21, EAT-26, E-HEALTH-49, GAD-7, Psy-BaDo-PTM, ISR, NR, NRA, PHQ, PHQ-9, and PHQ-15

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Net prices plus sales tax (depending on customer country/state). Payment is made in advance for the specified period. The package with the furthest future end date will be automatically renewed at its expiration time. Cancellation by booking the basic package and booking additional packages is possible at any time. If you choose to pay annually, you benefit from a 17 % discount compared to the accumulated monthly price for a year.