The ICD-10-Symptom-Rating (ISR) was developed by the IQP with the aim of providing the most comprehensive possible psychometric evaluation of the severity of psychological symptoms. It is used to measure status and change on the basis of self-assessments. The basis of the instrument are the symptoms listed in Chapter F of the ICD-10, which have been summarized by experts in the field and checked for reliable, valid and truthful self-assessment.

It comprises 29 questions in six subscales:

The ISR is cross-validated with the SCL-90-R with 3,755 subjects as well as with the PHQ (short and long form), BDI I, EDI and other questionnaires. The syndrome scales were also subjected to external criterion validation based on DIA-X diagnoses. A factor-analytical examination of the factor structure from the ICD-10 symptom rating showed a perfect replication of the syndrome scales with a 73 % explanation of the variance. The normalization of the syndrome scales and the total score is based on a clinical sample of > 12,000 patients and a representative survey of approximately 2,500 people.

The ICD-10 symptom rating has meanwhile been used on well over 30,000 inpatients and outpatients and has proven its practicability, realism and informative value.

There is also a German version of the ISR

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Screenshot of ISR questionnaire for your patients.

ISR Questionnaire


The evaluation is shown graphically. The gradations of the six subscales are highlighted in color (suspected stress, indication of low symptom burden, indication of moderate symptom burden or indication of severe symptom burden). The corresponding score is then applied.

You will receive the following evaluation of the ISR questionnaire in the therapists area of (screenshot: ISR evaluation) and it can also be downloaded, as a PDF file, for your documentation.

Preview of the ISR evaluation as PDF to save in your documentation:

ISR Evaluation PDF Screenshot

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Further information on the evaluation and interpretation of the ICD-10 symptom rating can be found in the test manual in the protected therapists area.

A selected opinion on the ISR and

Convenient acquisition tool for ISR and other tests

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Screenshot ISR Questionnaire
ISR Questionnaire