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Digital psychological tests are the tool for initial and follow-up diagnostics as well as for quality assurance. They make it easier to explore the causes of mental symptoms and provide an objective assesment that you can discuss with your patient. Digital psychological tests are well accepted by patients because your patient is the center of attention. It is easy to perform psychological tests on a PC or Tablet and document your therapy success via PDF export. You can try scientifically-based psychological tests which cover a wide range of common disorders for free.

Psychological Tests Overview


  • No installation required
  • Psychological tests with iPad, Tablet PC or Mac
  • Send questionnaires via email


  • No personal patient data saved
  • All answers are pseudonymous
  • SSL-encryption Open SSL test


  • Automatic evaluation of tests
  • PDF evaluation for your documentation
  • More time for your patient

Only you as the psychotherapist can associate each random code and questionnaire with your patient.

Symbiosis of Research and Practice

Psydix collaborates with research institutes like IQP. Therefore, you get the most up to date, robust and reliable psychological tests. You can also choose to collect valuable data for research. Learn more about psychological tests available today: Overview of Psychological Tests

Reviews of

The inventory covers a big part of routine evaluations and progress measurements in the daily routine of an outpatient psychotherapy practice.

Easy to use tool for ISR and other psychological tests

I like to have an alternative to the psychological tests of Hogrefe.

Dr. Christine Demmer, Dipl.-Psych.

I like your service and the structure in general, it must be said in the lack of service culture…
At the same time, I take the inclusion of online testing almost for granted in 2019 and am grateful that you provide an alternative offer to the overpriced Hogrefe system…

Benjamin Röttcher, Dipl.-Psych.

I really enjoy using your platform and am very satisfied! Everything has been designed very practically and intuitively by you. The evaluations are great, easy to understand and easy to talk through with the patients.
Thank you very much!

Yasemin Coskun, M.Sc. (Psych.), psychological psychotherapist (VT)

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