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Psychological tests are used to objectively assess and diagnose psychological conditions, track progress, and ensure the quality of care. These tests can help identify the underlying causes of mental health symptoms and provide an objective evaluation of a patient's condition. Psychological tests can be conducted using a smartphone, tablet, or computer and the results can be easily documented in a PDF report. They are also engaging for patients as they are able to actively participate in the testing process. Many reliable psychological tests are available for free and cover a wide range of disorders.

Security: Only you can associate each random code and questionnaire with your patient.

Symbiosis of Research and Practice

At, we believe in the power of combining research and practice to bring you the most accurate and reliable psychological tests. To this end, we collaborate with esteemed universities and research institutes, such as IQP, to ensure that our tests are always based on the most up-to-date findings in the field of psychology.

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List of Psychological Tests

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The inventory provided by covers a wide range of routine assessments and progress measurements that are useful in the daily practice of outpatient psychotherapy. offers an easy-to-use tool for administering ISR and other psychological tests.

I appreciate having an alternative to the psychological tests offered by Hogrefe as provided by

Dr. Christine Demmer, Dipl.-Psych.

I really appreciate the service and structure provided by, especially in contrast to the lack of service culture in some other places…
I also appreciate the availability of online testing, especially as an alternative to the expensive Hogrefe system.
Thank you for your great service!

Benjamin Röttcher, Dipl.-Psych.

I thoroughly enjoy using the practical and intuitive platform offered by The scorings are clear and easy to understand, and they are helpful in discussing progress with patients. I am very satisfied with the service and appreciate the effort that has gone into designing the platform.
Thank you very much!

Yasemin Coskun, M.Sc. (Psych.), psychological psychotherapist (VT)

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