Patient Health Questionnaire 15

The Patient Health Questionnaire 15 (PHQ-15) is the somatization module of the PHQ. It comprises 15 somatic symptoms that correspond to both the most common physical symptoms in outpatients and the most important DSM-IV criteria for somatization disorder.

The PHQ-15 consists of 13 items from the Somatoform Disorders module and two items from the Depressive Disorders module, which also ask about somatic symptoms (sleep disorders and lack of energy / tiredness).

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Screenshot of PHQ-15 questionnaire for your patients.

PHQ-15 Questionnaire


The scoring of the PHQ-15 is carried out by forming a total value for all items.

The severity of symptoms / somatization is highlighted in color in a table based on the total value: low, medium, or high.

In addition, it is indicated whether the somatoform syndrome is present.

You will receive the following scoring of the PHQ-15 questionnaire in the therapists area of (screenshot: PHQ-15 scoring) and it can also be downloaded, as a PDF file, for your documentation.

Preview of the PHQ-15 scoring as PDF to save in your documentation:

PHQ-15 Scoring PDF Screenshot

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The total value shows a close, indirectly proportional relationship with the functional status and the health-related quality of life.

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Screenshot PHQ-15 Questionnaire
PHQ-15 Questionnaire