Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test

The Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT) is a screening procedure that identifies patients with high alcohol consumption before negative physical, psychological or social consequences arise from their consumption. It was developed at the beginning of the 1980s on behalf of the WHO on the basis of a sample of 1,888 outpatient care patients from a total of six countries: Australia, Bulgaria, Kenya, Mexico, Norway, and the USA.

The AUDIT has proven to be a valid screening tool in numerous studies. In particular, it has been proven to be valid and reliable in younger populations as well as in the elderly. The AUDIT is recommended as a screening method in several guidelines.

The AUDIT consists of ten self-statements. The first three questions provide information about the amount and frequency of drinking, questions four to six deal with criteria of alcohol dependence and questions seven to ten deal with possible problems that can arise related to alcohol consumption.

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Screenshot of AUDIT questionnaire for your patients.

AUDIT Questionnaire


The questions have either three of five answers. A total value is formed over all question. The total sum can vary from zero to 40 points.

For different risk levels, recommendations for intervention and cut-off values are shown in a table. When a corresponding cut-off has been reached, it is highlighted in red.

You will receive the following scoring of the AUDIT questionnaire in the therapists area of (screenshot: AUDIT Scoring) and it can also be downloaded, as a PDF file for your documentation.

Preview of the AUDIT scoring as PDF to save in your documentation:

AUDIT Scoring PDF Screenshot

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Conflicting results have been obtained with regard to the optimal cut-off value. The WHO recommends a cut-off value of eight points, which has been confirmed in some studies. Other authors recommend a much lower cut-off value of five points. The cut-off value must be validated for each country.

The choice of the cut-off depends on the corresponding objective and whether a high specificity or a high sensitivity is required.

Further background information on the interpretation of the AUDIT can be found in the test manual, which can be accessed in the therapist's area.

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Screenshot AUDIT Questionnaire
AUDIT Questionnaire