Borderline Symptom List 95

The Borderline Symptom Liste 95 (BSL-95) is a self-assessment scale for recording the extent of intrapsychic stress in borderline patients. It is based on the criteria found in the DSM-IV, the Diagnostic Interview for Borderline Disorders (DIB-R), expert opinions and patient statements. It records the severity of the disturbance (dimensional diagnostics) and changes (process diagnostics).

The BSL-95 consists of three parts:

  1. 95 items to assess the state of mind during the previous week (5-point Likert scale)
  2. A visual analog scale to ascertain the current mental well-being (scale from 0-100 %)
  3. A BSL-95 supplementary scale (11 items) to record the extent of the current dysfunctional behavior

7 subscales can be formed from 83 of the 95 items:

In addition to this long form (BSL-95) there is also the short form (BSL-23).

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Screenshot of BSL-95 questionnaire for your patients.

BSL-95 Questionnaire


A total scale and seven sub-scales are calculated by adding up the item values. All 95 items are included in the overall factor. 12 items are not assigned to any subscale. Due to the differently extensive subscales (6-19 items), mean values are formed and the percentile ranks are shown. In addition, the overall well-being (0-100 %) is shown. The answers on the supplementary scale are at the end of the scoring.

The use of the mean value has become established in scientific projects.

You will receive the following scoring of the BSL-95 questionnaire in the therapists area of (screenshot: BSL-95 Scoring) and it can also be downloaded, as a PDF file, for your documentation.

Preview of the BSL-95 scoring as PDF to save in your documentation:

BSL-95 Scoring PDF Screenshot

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On the five-point Likert scale, a point value of 0 corresponds to not at all, 1 a little, 2 rather, 3 much und 4 very strong.

© Bohus et al. Central Institute of Mental Health, Mannheim, Germany (2009)

Screenshot BSL-95 Questionnaire
BSL-95 Questionnaire